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Michael Mayta and Keily Vasquez of USBS Miami
Emmanuel Mendia, Michael Mayta and Keily Vasquez of USBS Miami
USBS Live Event Cookout


Michael Mayta and Keily Vasquez are a husband and wife team. Mikey has over 15 years of industry experience with Keily having a lifetime working in her families restaurant in El Salvador.

They met at Michy's and started working together on their first project, ILLEGAL Bakery, for their shared love of the sweet life. Fast forward a few years, out a sheer necessity to stay busy they opened up USBS in late 2018, with the help of friends Agustin Gamboa and Dave Bailey, behind Boxelder Craft Beer Market. Keily handles the Baking and Day to Day, while Mikey comes up with clever Burger names and "grinds". As we plan on growing our operation, we have an old friend joining the team.

Emmanuel Mendia aka Manny is Mikey's friend of 20 years. He's cooked at MGFD and alongside Mikey at Michy's and Cena by Michy, as well as Son of a Gun and Rebuplique.

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Made from Scratch

To provide Good Food that is Fast Food. We make mostly everything from scratch (minus basic condiments). Simplicity is key for our standard menu.

Weekly Burger Specials

For the specials, we like to branch out and provide the guest with a reason to keep coming back to try something interesting and unique.

Burgers made from scratch
USBS Miami Burger Buns